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Modica Chocolate

Taste the famous chocolate of Modica in a charming and relaxing.

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Modica Chocolate

The Modica chocolate is known for its cold working, just as they did the Aztecs and the Spaniards after them in the sixteenth century. Today this type of work no longer exists and the Modica chocolate has been passed down over time among the noble families during festive riccorrenze coming up to the present day.
The Modica chocolate looks grainy and crumbly, thanks to the presence of sugar in the non-amalgamated
cold working. In fact, this provides for a temperature of 40 ░ and skips the step of conching processing more standard chocolate. Brown uniform and the aroma of roasted cocoa characterize a chocolate flavored with cinnamon or vanilla<>b> for tradition, but also with other spices and products like chili or coffee. In bars or dissolved in water, chocolate of Modica is a real treat and is a product appreciated all over the world.
The Houses of the Zodiac can enjoy this delicacy directly at home, visit specialized laboratories with tasting or try beauty treatments chocolate.

Our Offers

Modica Arte e Relax € 140,00
  • 2 pernottamenti in una raffinata dimora di charme con prima colazione per 2 persone
  • 1 bottiglia di vino, cioccolata modicana personalizzata per 2
  • 1 cestino di dolci tipici 
  • 1 visita con degustazione in un laboratorio di cioccolato (escluso domenica e sabato pomeriggio) 
         n.b. offerta non valida nei ponti e festivit├â┬á